2022 Championships

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The championships for the NHRL 2022 season will be held on December 17th. This is going to be the 7th event in our 2021 season and consists entirely of invite-only brackets. In the first 6 events of our seasons, the top 4 bots in each bracket who did not already qualify for the championships get an invite.

During the championships we will be fighting all full-combat weight classes and will be giving out a total of $50,000 dollars in cash prizes! These robots have proven their abilities during the regular season and we are looking to see how each robot will fair when put up against their most challenging competitors yet.


Weight Class Championship Winner Championship Runner Up
3lb $10,000 USD $4,000 USD
12lb $12,000 USD $4,000 USD
30lb $15,000 USD $5,000 USD

First-place in 3lb, 12lb, and 30lb at each event also gets a custom finals trophy

Qualified Robots

The following robots qualified for the championships in 2021. Qualifying means finishing in the final 4 for your weight class of all bots that have not already qualified in any of the 6 regular season events. In the event of a tie or a duplicate both bots will be admitted. You cannot qualify more than once.

3lb Weight Class

Robot Name Qualifying Event Weight Class Weapon Type
Silent Spring March 26th 2022 3lb Modular
Stoneforge March 26th 2022 3lb Modular
Silk March 26th 2022 3lb Modular
Narcissist March 26th 2022 3lb Horizontal Spinner
Lynx April 23rd 2022 3lb Drum/Beater
Blackbird April 23rd 2022 3lb Drum/Beater
Caldera April 23rd 2022 3lb Horizontal Spinner
Wasabi April 23rd 2022 3lb Drum/Beater
Crashfest May 14th 2022 3lb Lifter
Saw Loser: 2 Saw 2 Lose May 14th 2022 3lb Hammersaw
Komodo May 14th 2022 3lb Horizontal Spinner
Wake and Bake May 14th 2022 3lb Multibot
Eruption July 16th 2022 3lb Drum/Beater
Twin Beast July 16th 2022 3lb Drum/Beater
Adrift July 16th 2022 3lb Horizontal Spinner
The Greatest Challenge July 16th 2022 3lb Meltybrain
Malice September 17th 2022 3lb Drum/Beater
Jet Lag September 17th 2022 3lb Drum/Beater
Apex September 17th 2022 3lb Drum/Beater
Jack Rabbit Flex September 17th 2022 3lb Vertical Spinner

12lb Weight Class

Robot Name Qualifying Event Weight Class Weapon Type
Pramheda March 26th 2022 12lb Vertical Spinner
Carmen March 26th 2022 12lb Drum/Beater
Minimizer March 26th 2022 12lb Horizontal Spinner
Demogorgon March 26th 2022 12lb Horizontal Spinner
Krunk April 23rd 2022 12lb Drum/Beater
HotLeafJuice April 23rd 2022 12lb Horizontal Spinner
Richard April 23rd 2022 12lb Vertical Spinner
Sombra (12lb) April 23rd 2022 12lb Drum/Beater
YOB GNOL May 14th 2022 12lb Drum/Beater
Drop Kick May 14th 2022 12lb Vertical Spinner
Spicy Hugs May 14th 2022 12lb Horizontal Spinner
Bottom Feeder May 14th 2022 12lb Horizontal Spinner
Touro Jr July 16th 2022 12lb Drum/Beater
Saiko! July 16th 2022 12lb Drum/Beater
RAM PLAN July 16th 2022 12lb Lifter
Otus July 16th 2022 12lb Drum/Beater
Disko September 17th 2022 12lb Vertical Spinner
Ugee September 17th 2022 12lb Vertical Spinner
Chronus September 17th 2022 12lb Vertical Spinner
Black Jack September 17th 2022 12lb Vertical Spinner

30lb Weight Class

Robot Name Qualifying Event Weight Class Weapon Type
Marathon March 26th 2022 30lb Drum/Beater
Tryhard March 26th 2022 30lb Horizontal Spinner
Waddles! March 26th 2022 30lb Horizontal Spinner
RIPperoni March 26th 2022 30lb Vertical Spinner
Litter Box April 23rd 2022 30lb Horizontal Spinner
MegatRON April 23rd 2022 30lb Hammersaw
Polyester April 23rd 2022 30lb Multibot
Dragon Princess April 23rd 2022 30lb Flamethrower
Huge May 14th 2022 30lb Vertical Spinner
George May 14th 2022 30lb Vertical Spinner
STF May 14th 2022 30lb Horizontal Spinner
Roadkill May 14th 2022 30lb Horizontal Spinner
Knock Off White July 16th 2022 30lb Hammer
Touro Feather July 16th 2022 30lb Drum/Beater
Depth Charge July 16th 2022 30lb Horizontal Spinner
Phenomenon July 16th 2022 30lb Vertical Spinner
Yahoo September 17th 2022 30lb Drum/Beater
Other Disko September 17th 2022 30lb Vertical Spinner
Plyohazard September 17th 2022 30lb Something made of wood
Sunflower of Peace (tie) September 17th 2022 30lb Full body spinner
Captain Caveman (tie) September 17th 2022 30lb Full body spinner

What's new for 2022?

We have been hard at work on upgrading the facility since the end of the 2021 season in December, and we are super excited for everyone to see these new changes! Check out some progress pictures below.

What's new for competitors:

  • Expanded pits areas, with more tables, more space between tables, and a dedicated viewing area to sit and relax as you watch the stream.
  • 2 new cages, including a 30lb cage!

What's new for spectators:

  • More than 5,000 square feet of new activities, lounge areas, and exciting attractions, including our Bot Museum.
  • More seating around the cages, and the cages have been moved even closer to the bleachers for a better viewing experience.
  • "Walk up" cages, where you can spectate as close as you want standing around the cage.

Watching NHRL Online

All NHRL events are livestreamed on our YouTube channel.

We also upload individual fight clips to our second channel.

Don't want to wait for the event to see some robot action? Check out the highlight reel from the 2021 finals!

Spectating at NHRL

Come see some robot carnage up-close and personal. Tickets will be available soon!

All NHRL events are open to the public for spectating. Adults and children over the age of 4 can purchase an all-day access pass for $10. This will give access to all of the spectating areas around all the fighting cages, as well as the spectator lounges, Bot Museum, and other fun combat robotics attractions. Spectators under the age of 4 are admitted for free. Any spectator under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a guardian over the age of 18.

Spectator FAQ

What should I bring with me to NHRL?

Spectators are encouraged to bring a pillow, sweater, or other soft object to sit on in the bleachers while watching fights. Seat cushions will also be available for purchase at the event. We also encourage bringing hearing protection, especially for younger spectators. Free earplugs will also be provided at the event.

How do I buy a ticket?

Tickets are available day-of at the door. We also sometimes run special promotions on ticket sales or sell them as part of a bundle through websites like Groupon. Any such deals or offers will be linked here when available.

Is there food at NHRL? Can I bring my own food/drink?

There are a number of refreshments served at NHRL, in addition to free water and food trucks from local businesses. Outside food and drink are not permitted. This does not include baby food, food related to medical needs, or water. Keep in mind your admission is all-day, so you are welcome to leave and get lunch, and come back. South Norwalk has a ton of great places to eat, which you can read more about on the Travel Info page.

How do I get to NHRL?

NHRL is within walking distance of the South Norwalk train station, serviced by the MTA New Haven Line, MTA Danbury Branch, and the CTRail Shore Line East. It is also possible to drive to NHRL, and parking on site is included with your spectator pass. For more information on getting to NHRL, please see the Travel Info page.

Besides food, is there anything else to buy at NHRL?

Yes! NHRL has an official merch store, where you can buy t-shirts, stickers, magnets, and more. You are also able to purchase competitor merchandise here, to support your favorite bot.

Are alcohol or drugs permitted at NHRL?

No, NHRL does not permit the consumption of alcohol or drugs. NHRL is also a smoke-free building, but there are ashtrays located outside the building for your convenience.

What can I do besides watching robots fight at NHRL?

In addition to robot fighting, there will be opportunities to relax in our brand-new spectator area, watch behind the scenes as competitors repair/test their robots, and try driving our house bot, Brett.

What does the schedule for the day look like?

The doors open to spectators on Saturday at 10 a.m., just as the first fights of the day are starting. Food trucks will arrive be open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.. Fights will continue nonstop until we reach the final 8 bots in each weight class (usually around 6:30 p.m.), at which point we will take a 30 minute break to allow competitors time to eat dinner and for our staff to do cage repairs. After this break, fights will resume until we have made it through all the fights in all weight classes. Fights usually conclude between 10 and 11 p.m., and the facility closes 30 minutes after the last fight of the day.

Do you offer behind the scenes tours, meet-and-greets with competitors, etc?

Currently we do not offer such things, but we hope to in the future. That being said, many competitors make a point of hanging out in the spectator areas after their fights, so just keep an eye out for those wearing NHRL competitor badges!

What is your current COVID-19 Policy?

Norwalk recently lifted its mask mandate, and the CDC has identified the COVID-19 community level in all of CT, as well as many surrounding communities, as "low", so masks will not be required at our events, unless Norwalk changes its masking policy. We will continue to follow the guidance of state and local agencies and will advise if our policy changes. Norwalk is a mask-supportive community, and we believe in the effectiveness of high-quality masks as a means of stopping the spread of COVID-19 and support individuals who choose to mask at any time for any reason.

What if I have another question?

Feel free to contact us at robot@nhrl.io, and we will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Competing at NHRL

Our December Championships are invite-only. In order to compete, you must qualify at an event earlier in the year by being one of the top 4 bots in your bracket not already qualified.

Unfortunately, 12lb Sportsman bots do not qualify to fight in the December championships.