NHRL Core Values


Havoc Robotics runs the largest &most accessible combat robotics league in the world. We are working to shine a spotlight on a sport that should matter to more people.

We have these core values...

  • Put Builders First.
  • Be Fun and Accessible.
  • Be Creative and Innovative... Safely.
  • Challenge and be Challenged.
  • Bias for Action and Always Learning.

Put Builders First

  • Treat all builders fairly and respectfully.
  • Celebrate and respect builders and what they create.
  • Listen to the concerns and needs of builders and work to incorporate feedback into our policies and operations.

Be Fun and Accessible

  • Combat Robots should be fun.
  • Affordable as possible.
  • Competitors and fans should come from all walks of life and backgrounds.
  • Building your first robot should be as easy as possible.
  • A supportive and inclusive community is key.

Be Creative and Innovative... Safely

  • Simple and concise rules favor of encouraging builders to think creatively.
  • Strong safety culture and safety design makes pushing the limits possible.

Challenge and be Challenged

  • We support each other, but we play to win.

Bias for Action and Always Learning

  • We are unafraid to push the limits, even if it means we sometimes make mistakes.
  • We may make mistakes but we are always learning and trying to improve.