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2022 Announcers

Luke Stangel (right)

Luke Stangel

Luke Stangel co-hosts the weekly BattleBots podcast Behind the Bots, which features news and in-depth interviews with combat robotics builders. He's a former print and broadcast journalist from Silicon Valley, who now works as a writer at a fintech startup. His favorite robot is WALL-E.

Kyle Crose

Kyle Crose

Kyle Crose is one of the hosts of the Behind the Bots podcast. Long time combat sports fan and robot enthusiast. Kyle is delighted to be announcing at Norwalk Havok. Kyle works as a technical designer and engineer in the live event industry. Kyle would like to thank his son Hudson and his daughter Evelyn for parting with him for the day so he can be here calling these amazing fights.

Chris DeCicco

Chris DeCicco co-hosts the Behind the Bots podcast. He's responsible for the majority of the puns on the show.