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Competitors, click here for competitor-specific information!

Welcome to NHRL!

Event Day is crazy but this page should help you to understand what opportunities are available to our spectators both at our facility and around Norwalk! Below are several key categories to share with you some of the important information we want you to know.

There are a lot of big things going on behind the scenes here at NHRL, and we'll soon have some exciting things to share about the upcoming season. If you want to be one of the first to hear about these exciting developments, sign up for our mailing list!

Ways to Spectate!

Be there in person

Click here to buy tickets for any of our upcoming events!

Can't make it to the event?

Join the viewing party on our Discord server.

Watch the live stream on our YouTube channel

Watch the livestream on our YouTube channel.

Exciting Activities at NHRL

Original Brett the Brick

Drive Brett!

We are excited to offer our spectators and competitors the opportunity to drive NHRL's one of a kind referee bot Brett the Brick! Driving this bot will not only allow for everyone to be able to drive a real combat robot but it will also give people an opportunity to understand the challenges associated with driving our referee bots. As a special treat for this experience we will be stocking the cage with some materials to allow for everyone to understand just how powerful our referee bots are, even when they are in demonstration mode.

Feel the Action

Spectator Seating

Unlike the viewing experience at home, here in our arena with our up close bleacher seating you will be able to feel every single hit delivered by these fearsome robots. There truly is nothing like watching combat robots and feeling the force of these large hits vibrate throughout the arena. As you can see our spectator area is decked out with large screen TVs to keep you as close to the action as possible. In addition to the TVs the spectator arena is also home to our very own announcers Luke and Kyle! So not only can you watch ever fight live but you will also be able to interact with our announcers as they react to each fight throughout the day. This experience also allows for our spectators to see everything that goes into the production of this event. They can watch the builders during fights and truly feel their reactions to their successes and feel for them in their upsets.

Early-bird VIP Tickets

Be sure to check out our Early-Bird VIP tickets! These entitle you to a behind-the-scenes tour of our facilities, including our pit area, as well as a bag of complimentary NHRL merch. You'll also get access to the exclusive VIP lounge in our spectator area, with comfortable seats and free snacks.

Our Bot Museum

Another experience that we are able to offer here at our arena is for a chance to take photos with some of your favorite 250lb bots in our Bot Museum! You can take a photo with bots like Ribbot, SMEEEEEEE, and Sharko.

Food trucks

Food trucks for our September 17th 2022 event will be announced soon!

Spectator area

Finally we have our brand-new spectator area. We'll have all sorts of activities, plus a new cage where you'll get to see some of our fights up close and personal! We'll also have free drinks, water dispensers, picnic tables, and a view of the live stream for anyone who wants to get food without missing any of the action throughout the day!

Day of Schedule

When you come to spectate here in Norwalk it is important to understand the expected flow of the day and planned timeline of fights, food trucks, and activities.

10:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Our doors open to the public at 10:00 am, which is about when we begin our fights. These fights will take a break at 6:00 PM for 30 minutes to allow for builders to have time to repair their robots.

12:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Our food trucks will be open at around this time. Exact hours vary by individual food trucks; this time listed is a rough window!

7:00 PM - Close

After the 30 minute break we will move into NHRL prime which is going to focus on the last 16 bots in each weight class. These fights are expected to be less rapidly paced as each builder is allotted 20 minutes after each fight to repair and recharge their robot. However, since these are gearing up to be some of our finalists these fights are sure to be intense and action packed.

Spectator Information

For spectators that will be coming to our facility there is some important information that we would like everyone to be aware before arriving. First off we have free WIFI available on the Norwalk Havoc Network to all competitors and spectators. If you are interested in looking at the brackets before you arrive or throughout the day please select which bracket you are interested in seeing.

Here's a map of our building. Please look at this map before arriving at our event or upon arrival. This map shows all of the important areas within our arena as well as how to evacuate our arena in the event of an emergency.


Here are the brackets for our July 16th 2022 event! Our predictions challenge will open on Friday, July 8.

3lb: https://challonge.com/nhrl_jul22_3lb

12lb: https://challonge.com/nhrl_jul22_12lb

30lb: https://challonge.com/nhrl_jul22_30lb

Prediction Challenge

We are giving prizes to people who correctly predict the 3lb, 12lb, or 30lb brackets! The person who has the highest score for each of those three brackets wins $300.

Your methodology is entirely up to you, whether that's taking a deep dive into the statistics, flipping a coin, or having your bot make your picks for you. Then, sit back and watch the madness unfold as you revel in victory, or witness your bracket get busted before the end of the tournament.

As the battles progress, you’ll get points for every winner you picked correctly. Points will increase linearly every round; for example, the first round is worth 1, second round is worth 2, and so on. At the end of the tournament, the player with the most points wins that group.

How to enter

Entering the contest is simple: just fill out this form, and then click on any of the brackets above and start making predictions. You only need to fill out the form once, regardless of how many of the July brackets you predict.

Only participants who fill out the form are eligible to win the $300 prize for each bracket. If the form tells you you're ineligible to win the prize, you're still welcome to make predictions. You'll be playing for bragging rights instead!

Note that any crew working the event or builders participating in the event, and their immediate family members, are ineligible for this prize. You must be 18 or over, and live in the US.

We have full details for the contest here.

Best of luck!

Spectator FAQ

What should I bring with me to NHRL?

Spectators are encouraged to bring a pillow, sweater, or other soft object to sit on in the bleachers while watching fights. Seat cushions will also be available for purchase at the event. We also encourage bringing hearing protection, especially for younger spectators. Free earplugs will also be provided at the event.

How do I buy a ticket?

Click here to buy tickets for any of our upcoming events!

Tickets are also available day-of at the door. We also sometimes run special promotions on ticket sales or sell them as part of a bundle through websites like Groupon. Any such deals or offers will be linked here when available.

Is there food at NHRL? Can I bring my own food/drink?

NHRL hosts a number of food trucks from local businesses serving a wide range of food. We also provide free water for all spectators. Outside food and drink are not permitted. This does not include baby food, food related to medical needs, or water. Keep in mind your admission is all-day, so you are welcome to leave and get lunch, and come back. South Norwalk has a ton of great places to eat, which you can read more about on the Travel Info page.

How do I get to NHRL?

NHRL is within walking distance of the South Norwalk train station, serviced by the MTA New Haven Line, MTA Danbury Branch, and the CTRail Shore Line East. It is also possible to drive to NHRL, and parking on site is included with your spectator pass. For more information on getting to NHRL, please see the Travel Info page.

Besides food, is there anything else to buy at NHRL?

Yes! NHRL has an official merch store, where you can buy t-shirts, stickers, magnets, and more. You are also able to purchase competitor merchandise here, to support your favorite bot.

Are alcohol or drugs permitted at NHRL?

Alcohol is permitted at NHRL for spectators aged 21 and up. Only builders with bots not active in the competition, not planning to fight grudge matches, and are aged 21 and up may drink.

Any inebriated people who are causing a disturbance, be they spectators or builders out of the competition, will be asked to leave the premises. Please drink responsibly!

NHRL does not permit the consumption of any other recreational drugs.

NHRL is a smoke-free building, but there are ashtrays located outside the building for your convenience.

What can I do besides watching robots fight at NHRL?

In addition to robot fighting, there will be opportunities to relax in our brand-new spectator area, watch behind the scenes as competitors repair/test their robots, and try driving our house bot, Brett.

What does the schedule for the day look like?

The doors open to spectators on Saturday at 10 a.m., just as the first fights of the day are starting. Food trucks will arrive be open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.. Fights will continue nonstop until we reach the final 8 bots in each weight class (usually around 6:30 p.m.), at which point we will take a 30 minute break to allow competitors time to eat dinner and for our staff to do cage repairs. After this break, fights will resume until we have made it through all the fights in all weight classes. Fights usually conclude between 10 and 11 p.m., and the facility closes 30 minutes after the last fight of the day.

Do you offer behind the scenes tours, meet-and-greets with competitors, etc?

Currently we do not offer such things, but we hope to in the future. That being said, many competitors make a point of hanging out in the spectator areas after their fights, so just keep an eye out for those wearing NHRL competitor badges!

What is your current COVID-19 Policy?

Norwalk recently lifted its mask mandate, and the CDC has identified the COVID-19 community level in all of CT, as well as many surrounding communities, as "low", so masks will not be required at our events, unless Norwalk changes its masking policy. We will continue to follow the guidance of state and local agencies and will advise if our policy changes. Norwalk is a mask-supportive community, and we believe in the effectiveness of high-quality masks as a means of stopping the spread of COVID-19 and support individuals who choose to mask at any time for any reason.

What if I have another question?

Feel free to contact us at robot@nhrl.io, and we will be able to answer any questions you may have.